Time savings for quality releaseby digitalization of about


Scope: Process

Use Case: Time savings for quality release by digitalization of about 50%

1. Challenging Task: Reduce time spent on quality releases

Starting Point

In order to approve the quality, we sent paired test laminates via mail to our customer for release. This process required a great deal of manual and logistical effort - and often it takes several days between completion of the production at our mill and release at the customer’s site.


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2. Systematic Approach: Working together in a workshop to find a solution


Our Offer

  • Joint selection of the test method
  • Measurement of colour values and data exchange
  • Defining new specifications based on digital data

Our Tools

  • Redesign of a digital approval process
  • Optimisation of release process

3. Massive acceleration: Release time halved

Your advantage

The close cooperation with the Technocell Dekor experts enabled our customer to reduce its release time by half. He now benefits from less manual effort. Release is fast and data-driven. An objective release replaces the previously subjective evaluation.

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