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You are striving for the perfect product, made in an efficient process and for the optimal costs? We are here to help you. Because success comes from knowing what is possible. Our objective at Technocell Dekor is to share relevant knowledge with you. Technokolleg is continuously updated and remains the workshop for your success.

In our Technokolleg workshop modules, experienced specialists will introduce you to our world of décor papers, solutions and services, share their technical know-how and show you what they can do for your business. The topics of our workshops are:

  • Manufacturing, structure and processing of décor paper
  • Colour analysis, colour matching, colorimetric measurement and systems, opacity
  • Digital printing – from technology to matching papers

This in-depth knowledge will take your business to new levels of performance.

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Our three Technokolleg Modules

  • 1. Manufacturing, structure and processing of décor paper


    Discover the raw materials used in décor paper production, how they interact and the machines that make them.


    Find out what happens during gravure printing, impregnating and laminating – and much more.


    Learn what influences the structure of décor paper and what processes are used to achieve the results you need.  

  • 2. From colour analysis and colour systems to colorimetry

    Colour matching

    Explore colour matching, see the equipment and additives used in the process and ways to analyse colour.

    Colour systems

    Find out all about colour systems and colour catalogues and how and where they are used. Colorimetric measurement: Learn how the eye perceives colour, colorimetric measurement methods and their uses.


    Find out everything you need to know about opacity, and the factors and conditions that influence it.

  • 3. Digital printing – from technology to matching papers

    Printing technology

    Find out about the motivation for and benefits of digital printing. You will also get an up-to-date overview of printing machines, their technologies and the printing inks.

    Décor papers for digital printing
    Get to know the basic principles of inkjet paper printing. Also find out, which paper fits the best to the laminate product. Discover the environmental impact of digital printing.

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