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Together, let’s find the perfect blend of colours.

Putting our “Solutions First” claim into action, our Colourkolleg workshop is designed to build your confidence and expertise with bold, intense colours – helping you discover the best way to manage any project. With thousands of coloured paper grades behind us, we’re always eager to add more to the list – with our team of Colour Lab experts standing by to help bring your colour schemes to life. A heavy focus on knowledge sharing and collaboration also means we’ll give you access to all the latest colour trends within interior design, so, together, we can tackle any project with ease.

The workshop consists of the following topics: 

  • Expertise building
  • LEVEL 25 overview
  • LEVEL 25 further insight
  • Discussion/brainstorm

Let’s turn your colour intensity dreams into a reality!

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In detail:

Our four Colourkolleg Modules

  • 1. Expertise building

    From their base in our Colour Lab in Günzach, listen to our experts as they help you get to grips with everything related to Technocell Dekor – including how we’ve built up our expertise in creating intense decor papers.

  • 2. LEVEL 25 overview

    We’ll give you an introduction to the LEVEL 25 collection as well as a breakdown of our trend scouting process.

  • 3. LEVEL 25 further insight

    Here, we’ll go into further detail about the current colour trends shaping the market. What thought process did we follow to find our newest shades – and why?

  • 4. Discussion/brainstorm

    We’ll conclude the course by giving you the opportunity to bring up any queries you may have.

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