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Get us started talking about paper and you’d better have plenty of time. It’s not just our fascination; it’s our enormous product selection. There’s so much to tell.

There’s nothing top secret about how one manufactures decor paper. But to understand the details, beginning with choosing the right raw materials, the necessary process parameters and knowing how to effectively support customers in their manufacturing operations, you do need to have the Technocell Dekor genes. That’s what sets us apart. No matter whom you speak to you’ll notice the individual’s enthusiasm for paper. And you will find the ideal solution. 

We’re not just in it with all our heart. We also have a vast selection of products. Whether inkjet decor paper, PRIP® pre-impregnated paper or our HPL paper with its unique post forming feature, which allows it to bend around edges, you are sure to find the most suitable solution. What never fails to amaze our customers and even our paper engineers are the high surface quality, printability and the extensive diversity of our product range.

Our nine paper machines, which can process web widths of up to 4.62 metres and paper grammages of 40–250 g/m², in large or short runs starting at one metric tonne, can make just about any designer’s dream come true. Still not impressed? Well then, why not visit us? See with your own eyes; experience live our enthusiasm and our drive to turn visions into reality. Including yours!