Reduction of downtime at the printing press of


Scope: Productivity

Use Case: Reduction of downtime at the printing press of 27%

1. Challenging Task: Web breaks are causing downtime

Starting point

Our customer repeatedly experienced web breaks in the printing press, resulting in downtimes of 30 to 60 minutes each time. In individual production runs this resulted in downtimes of up to 15 %. The initial analysis showed that some grades were most affected by this issue.


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2. Systematic Approach: Working together in a workshop to find a solution


Our offer

  • Joint root cause analysis
  • Identification of influencing factors
  • Comparison of testing methods

Our tools

  • Process optimisation
  • Adjustments of specifications

3. Impressive result: Webbreaks reduced significantly

Your advantage

The close cooperation between our customer and the Technocell Dekor experts enabled us to reduce downtime in decor printing by 27 %. Our customer benefits from higher productivity and production stability due to the significantly reduced web breaks.


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