New concepts for sustainable decor papers

Reducing the CO2 footprint, recycling waste, using alternative raw materials: Felix Schoeller has a clear ambition to be a leader in terms of ecology and is already successfully using sustainable products.

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Innovations for even more consistent sustainability

With the resin-saving RSP® decor paper from TECHNOCELL®, Felix Schoeller offers a sustainable solution that leads to lower CO2 emissions. This resin-saving decor paper is specially refined, which reduces thickness swelling. As a result, users save up to 14 percent of energy during the drying process after impregnation. This reduces the annual CO2 emissions of an impregnation system by more than 1,800 tons.

The European market leader for specialty papers is also setting standards in the field of recycling. Felix Schoeller takes back waste paper from the market and recycles it to produce new decor papers. This avoids considerable amounts of waste every year - and also reduces the supply of fresh pulp from distant countries by 13,000 tons.

A third pillar in the specialty paper manufacturer's sustainability efforts is the use of alternative fibers for the production of sustainable decor papers. The company relies on annual plants such as grass, straw and bamboo to meet growing market demand for resource-saving papers. The "Second Harvest" concept also plays an important role here. This involves using peelings and fruit residues that were previously left over after the harvest. This shortens supply chains and reduces dependency on traditional pulp sources.

Felix Schoeller relies on close cooperation in all its sustainability activities - and offers partners an open exchange of ideas. "Because the major challenges facing our society can only be successfully overcome together," says the company. You can find more information on the individual topics here.

About Felix Schoeller

Felix Schoeller harnesses the power of paper. The specialty paper manufacturer empowers customers and partners to develop solutions that benefit people and the planet. Founded in 1895, the family-owned company with 17 locations in ten countries offers proven paper solutions ranging from photographic and digital printing papers to decorative papers for the furniture and wood industries, release papers for medical products and industrial applications, sublimation papers for fashion, sportswear and home furnishings, and flexible paper composites for packaging. In addition to proven paper solutions, Felix Schoeller promotes the use of paper in new applications and replaces limited resources with paper as a renewable raw material. True to the vision of making life better with paper, the company follows the central brand promise PAPER MADE FOR LIFE

Hans-Christoph Gallenkamp has been managing the Osnabrück-based family business in the fifth generation since 2018.

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