Total cost reduction of impregnated film up to


Scope: Product

Use Case: Total cost reduction of impregnated film up to 16%

1. Challenging Task: Optimize total production costs.

Starting point

Together with our customers, we continuously review the overall cost structure (TCO) along the entire value chain. For laminates, we analyze resin consumption and energy costs as well as the costs for the paper substrate - without compromising the quality and appearance of the final product.


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2. Systematic Approach: Working together in a workshop to find a solution


Our Offer

  • Analyzing the grade portfolio
  • Selection of suitable grades for optimization
  • Joint implementation and monitoring

Our Tools

  • Reduction of basis weights
  • At the same time maintaining the specified parameters

3. Immense time saving: Pigment changeover accelerated by four months

Your advantage

By working closely with the Technocell Dekor experts, our customer was able to reduce the total cost of impregnated film up to 16%. This is due to savings in substrate and resin as well as in energy costs. A significant influence on the appearance could not be noticed.


Optimize your total costs