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Resin-saving decor papers RSP® - Resin saving decor papers RSP®

Resin saving decor papers RSP® The cellulose fibres for our resin-saving RSP® are specially finished and are characterised by lower thickness swell. As a result, savings of up to 25% compared with…

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Pre-impregnated papers PRIP®

We have brought an innovative pre-impregnated paper to the market: PRIP®. PRIP® is formaldehyde-free, has high plybond strength and good adhesion during different lamination processes. It also has…

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Print base papers

We supply print base papers to converters using LPL and HPL processes. Our papers have a high-quality surface that produces first-class print results. They also have good ink absorption and fast…

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LPL and HPL papers

Key features of our LPL and HPL papers are their outstanding converting properties: high strength, rapid resin penetration and variable resin absorption. They also have at least Blue Wool Scale 6…

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Decor Papers

Get us started talking about paper and you’d better have plenty of time. It’s not just our fascination; it’s our enormous product selection. There’s so much to tell. There’s nothing top secret…

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