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Solution Workshop - Four steps, one goal: optimising your TCO

Four steps, one goal: optimising your TCO The first step of any Solutions Workshop is defining the optimisation area: Productivity, process or product? After agreeing on one area and concluding a…

URL: /en/services/solutions-workshop#c1547

Inkjet-compatible decor papers

Questions about the products? We are happy to help!

URL: /en/products/inkjet-compatible-decor-papers#c1639

Edgebanding papers

We supply edgebanding papers in grades that are smooth on one side. Our edgebanding papers have a high basis weight and open pore structure. The final impregnated products have a high thickness. …

URL: /en/products/edgebanding-papers#c1512

Paper foils

We supply paper foils in two grades: smooth on one side or satin on one side. The satin paper foils have outstanding printability and runnability properties. For hi-spec applications we can supply…

URL: /en/products/paper-foils#c1520

Backer papers

The individual and resource-conserving raw material composition of Technocell Dekor’s backer papers and their unwavering quality make them a winning choice – from both a technical and optical point…

URL: /en/products/backer-papers#c1526

Resin-saving decor papers RSP® - Resin saving decor papers RSP®

Resin saving decor papers RSP® The cellulose fibres for our resin-saving RSP® are specially finished and are characterised by lower thickness swell. As a result, savings of up to 25% compared with…

URL: /en/products/resin-saving-decor-papers-rsp#c1490

Pre-impregnated papers PRIP®

We have brought an innovative pre-impregnated paper to the market: PRIP®. PRIP® is formaldehyde-free, has high plybond strength and good adhesion during different lamination processes. It also has…

URL: /en/products/pre-impregnated-papers-prip#c1483