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Products - Paper foils

Paper foils We can supply paper foils in two grades: smooth on one side or satin.

URL: /en/products#c1604

Products - Edgebanding papers

Edgebanding papers Our edgebanding papers are distinctive thanks to their open paper structure and high volume.

URL: /en/products#c1603

Products - Inkjet-compatible decor papers

Inkjet-compatible decor papers Our inkjet decor papers are refined with an ink receiver layer.

URL: /en/products#c1602

Products - Resin saving decor papers RSP®

Resin saving decor papers RSP® Our resin saving decor paper RSP® exhibit reduced thickness swelling.

URL: /en/products#c1601

Products - Pre-impregnated papers PRIP®

Pre-impregnated papers PRIP® With PRIP® we are providing the market with an innovative pre-impregnated paper.

URL: /en/products#c1600

Products - Print base papers

Print base papers Our print base quality grades offer a high surface quality for first class printing results.

URL: /en/products#c1599

Products - LPL and HPL papers

LPL and HPL papers We supply LPL and HPL in excellent unicolour and a wide range of colours

URL: /en/products#c1598